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          ABOUT US

          ABOUT US

          Is a professional production and development of UV universal flatbed printer factory enterprises, the company is located in Shenzhen Baoan Airport near Fuyong Street Jiuyang Industrial Park, convenient transportation, the company strictly controlled the implementation of the militarization of the management system, adhere to every A UV printer to the development of post-sale responsibility to people. Any one of the intermediate links brought uv flat panel printer quality problems, can be accurate to the specific staff, the company mainly produces Toshiba nozzle UV flatbed printer, Ricoh UV flat panel printer, mobile phone shell printer, backdrop printer model is divided into AS -1610, AS-2513, AS-2030 three com...

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          CONTACT US

          Contact: make

          Phone: 13691780915

          Tel: 19928872703

          Email: 2091316521@qq.com

          Add: F1, Jiuyang Industrial Park, Heping,Fuyong, Shenzhen, China

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